Beit-Habbak School and Orphanage

The orphanage and school of Beit Habbak: a facility housing 100 female orphans and educating 1,000 students located in the mountain above Byblos is the last remaining school for this local Congregation.  In order for this school to remain open, all other schools had to be closed. The school offers top academics and double as technical school as well as orphanage. Teachers are well trained and attend state of the art educational seminars.


The facility was expanded and equipped with up todate IT technology. Families enrolling their kids at this school struggle with basic bills and are increasingly falling behind with skyrocketing tuition deficits. In 2009 Peace for Lebanon has contributed tuition aid, and earmarked funds for a handicapped ramp and elevator. In 2018, 21 students received tuition aid.



Home to these lovely young ladies.




Meet Tonya, acknowledging receipt of her tuition voucher.


And school to many more